2013 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Review

2013 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Review

If you’re looking for a technologically advanced and fuel efficient luxury sedan, the 2013 BMW 7 Series Hybrid (or ActiveHybrid 7 as BMW calls it) is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Exterior Features

The exterior styling of the BMW 7 series hasn’t changed very much over the past few years. Some may find that an issue while other may appreciate that BMW is sticking with a proven formula.

As you’d expect from a luxury sedan of this caliber, the styling is very muscular and has a dominating presence. Almost like a luxury SUV in sedan form. Also, subtle touches like special badges around the car differentiate the ActiveHybrid 7 from the standard 7 series.

Interior Features

One of the things you notice right away when you get inside the 2013 BMW 7 Series Hybrid (if you’ve ticked the box for this option) is the amazing Bang & Olufsen surround sound system. The quality of this system is definitely up there with the other audio giants.

Even though the 7 series is a very big car, the driver can still have some fun by putting the automatic transmission into manual mode. But remember, this is a luxury car which means the best place to be is the back seat. So, let’s see what it has to offer.

Even if you’re a tall person you won’t have any trouble getting in or out of the back seat thanks to the ActiveHybrid 7’s long wheelbase. The long wheelbase also gives passengers in the back seat extra legroom which is important in a luxury car of this level.

The entertainment and multimedia system in the rear of the vehicle includes two independently adjustable, high-resolution monitors. Measuring just over 9 inches in size these monitors work well on long trips. The optional comfort seats in the rear also feature full massage capabilities and are very relaxing to sit in.

Hybrid Functionality

Of course, if you’re looking at the 2013 BMW 7 Series Hybrid, you’re probably interested in saving fuel. The “ECO PRO” driving mode does just that. BMW claims that this setting can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. However, the amount of fuel you save has a lot to do with the way you drive as well.


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The Verdict

The 2013 BMW 7 Series Hybrid is definitely an interesting addition to the existing 7 Series lineup. Is your typical 7 Series buyer concerned with fuel economy and lowering their car’s emissions? Probably not, but for the ones who are, this may be the perfect choice.


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