A look under the hood of the stylish Hyundai i45

A look under the hood of the stylish Hyundai i45

Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has reinvented itself in recent years.

When Hyundai first entered the automobile market, their offerings were small, uncomfortable and poorly built with ugly styling. They were unable to compete with the superior alternatives available from European, American and Japanese car manufacturers.

However, over time, Hyundai have refined their design and manufacturing processes and have started to release premium quality cars at remarkably affordable prices.

The Hyundai i45 is Hyundai’s latest entry into the 4 door sedan market. Compared to the older Hyundai Excel which is a 4-cylinder engine aspirated by a carburetor or fuel injection system, the Hyundai i45 features Hyundai’s Theta-II engine under the bonnet which is much superior compared to the engines of its predecessor.

This article will take a closer look under the hood of the stylish Hyundai i45.

The Theta-II Engine

Hyundai’s original Theta engine was widely regarded as one of the best engines ever made. It was remarkably fuel efficient and capable of delivering impressive performance, too. It also produced fewer harmful greenhouse gases than engines produced by rival car manufacturers.

With the Theta-II engine, Hyundai has taken the original Theta engine and improved it in a number of ways.

A new timing system allows the engine to work with greater efficiency, a new aluminium alloy engine block improves the power of the engine, and the Theta-II’s updated engine management system, known as the EMS-II, is more accurate at regulating the amount of intake air needed for the engine to work at its best.

The Theta-II engine also makes use of a special technology known as ‘gasoline direct injection’, or GDI for short. In GDI engines, fuel is injected directly into the engine. This allows for the amount of fuel needed by the engine to be controlled with greater accuracy.

The Theta-II engine also contains ‘continuously variable valve timing’ technology, or CCVT for short. CVVT allows for the engine to have independent control over the car’s intake and exhaust valves. This allows for a greater degree of control over the amount of power being delivered by the engine.

These technologies allow the Theta-II engine to deliver better performance and better fuel efficiency than its predecessor.

Engine Options

The i45 is available with two different engine configurations: a 2.0L engine and a 2.4L engine.

The 2.0L engine is able to produce 174BHP while the 2.4L engine is capable of producing 201BHP. Both engines are remarkably fuel efficient, too, with Hyundai’s tests indicating that both are capable of delivering up to 50 miles to the gallon.

Hyundai will also be offering a turbo charged 2.0L Theta-II engine capable of delivering 274BHP with a fuel efficiency of 41 mpg.


Hyundai’s i45 is an impressive 4 door sedan.

Its Theta-II engine is one of the most advanced engines ever built, with best-in-class performance and fuel efficiency. Its superb styling is also pleasing to the eye with sleek lines and defined curves making the i45 stand out amongst its rivals.

Car buyers looking to purchase a 4 door sedan should put the i45 at the top of their shortlist.

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