BMW 5 Series Review

BMW 5 Series Review

The new BMW 5 Series models are simply exceptional. They feature aggressive looks, stunning interior and extra space – just to mention a few highlights. Ride and comfort are the first class. High equipment levels add a touch of class – although it’s a shame the CD player is only an option. The 5-Series has always emphasized performance and an enjoyable driving experience, offering a variety of engine choices as well as both manual and automatic transmissions. It uses a version of the iDrive control system, which is tedious to use.  Handling is agile and secure. The seats are very comfortable in the front and rear. The final note: the latest 5-Series might not be perfect, but it’s still an impressive executive car.

BMW 5 Series Strengths

Interior space, chassis calibrations, good balance. One of the most satisfying midsize sport sedans you can buy, refined engines, multiple transmissions, tastefully appointed cabin, exceptional build quality, strong resale value.

BMW 5 Series Weaknesses
Styling may not appeal to 5 Series loyalists, iDrive system still more hassle than it’s worth, costs more than most competitors. Pigheaded manumatic, quirky cup holders, iDrive.

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