What is CarCasher.Com?

CarCasher.Com is a vehicle advertisment interface where car sellers can find buyers for their vehicles. A detailed search system allows buyer to locate the exact vehicles that they are looking for in their area.

How much are vehicle advertising costs?

Private sellers can list their vehicle for sale for a one-time fee of $19.95. The vehicle will be listed until it sells. There are no hidden fees, nor are there any fees for multiple pictures.

Vehicles are also randomlyfeatured on our home page. There are currently no advertisment program to increase priority of one ad over another – all ads are treated as equal and are sorted based on the search relevancy. For dealer advertisment rates please join our dealer network.

How can I sell my car(s) faster?

In order to increase your vehicle’s visibility, it is highly recommended that you provide as many pictures as possible, up to 36 photographs. Vehicle with multiple pictures have a drastically higher chance of being noticed. Also try to supply as much information as possible in order to make sure that the potential buyer knows about the features that your vehicle has.

How much should I be asking for my car?

Before deciding on the price, it is important to check how much other buyers are asking for similar vehicles. Other things, such as mileage, condition, additional equipment could also be a factor. If your car has been on the market for an extensive period of time and it hasn’t atrract a lot of interest, try to gradually reduce your asking price.

Does CarCasher.Com operate outside North America?

European and Asian versions of CarCasher.Com are in beta-testing stage of development and will be gradually rolled out as the testing is completed. Currently, however, CarCasher.Com only services United States and Canada exclusively.

Can i change my ad after I initally submitted it?

Yes, if you made an error or simply want to adjust your price, upon registration you will be provided an access password to view all of your listings and make adequate changes.

Can I publish multiple photographs?

Not only can you publish multiple photographs, it is imperative that you upload as many pictures of your vehicle as you have. CarCasher.Com allows you to upload up to 36 pictures per vehicle. The more pictures you upload, the more visual information you’re going to provide to your potential buyers.

How can I pay?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard. We can also invoice dealers on a yearly contract. If those are unavailable, we can make certain exceptions in special cases. PayPal could be accepted as an alternative. Please feel free to contact us to see if an exception is possible.

Bad Credit Information

CarCasher.Com has assembled a network of dealers who in the view of the current financial crisis specialize in bad credit financing and will be able to offer you a car loan regardless of where you are located or your credit score. CarCasher.com is not a financial institution and you have to negotiate your bad credit car loan directly with the lender, but most financial institutions will issue a bad credit car loan decision within 24 hours.

Be careful filling out car loan applications online and always make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate car loan lender. Most established auto financing providers do not require you to make a purchase, so there is no obligation for you. Also, despite your bad credit score many lenders will be able to provide you with a financing even if you had experienced bad credit car loan, bankruptcy car loan or no credit car loan, previous repossession and/or foreclosure.