Key Cutting for Cars – Quality is Paramount

Key Cutting for Cars – Quality is Paramount

Of all of the daily objects that we take for granted, our keys have to be some of the most overlooked. Yet lose or break them, and it can cause you hours of hassle, inconvenience and expense.

Now, all you can really do to prevent loss is to keep them in a safe place – easy said than done, we know – however when it comes to breakages, you can save yourself a lot of worry by investing in some good quality keys, especially if they’re replacements that you’ve had cut yourself.

This is never truer than when it comes to car keys as having a faulty key snap off in your lock can leave you stranded more hours’ miles away from home.

Why do you need a duplicate car key?

Car owners need duplicates for many reasons, but one of the main motivations is reassurance: if there’s a spare set of car keys in the house, you’ll be ok if someone misplaces the master set.

Having a spare set is also useful if you share the car with another driver, so the two of you don’t have to worry about who’s got the keys when.



Car keys are an important part of everyday life

Is it easy to get a car key cut?

The ease of getting a car key cut depends on the make, model and age of your vehicle, with older or classic car keys a lot easier to duplicate.

The main issue with modern cars is that manufacturers have implanted a chip into the key as a measure against theft, and though this is great for keeping your car safe, it can become a real issue when trying to get keys cut.

Some dealerships will insist that the key is ordered directly from the manufacturer so that your car’s details can be programmed in to its computerized chip.

However this can be an expensive and lengthy process, and see you unable to use your car in the meantime.

The easiest way to get a car key replacement is to find a locksmith or key cutting company that specialises in car keys; they should be able to take care of the whole process for you quickly and cheaply.

How are car keys cut?

Car keys are mostly cut in exactly the same way as traditional keys, the only difference is that some of them also require extra programming in order to work with your vehicle.

It’s this security feature that makes car keys a little more awkward to replace than normal house keys.


Getting a good quality replacement car key will prevent damage to your vehicle and mean that your key lasts longer

What’s wrong with a poor quality key?

Like any product, having a poor quality replacement key will probably cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

This is especially true if your car key has a built in chip, as computer malfunctions can be time consuming and costly.

A poorly made key could also damage the internal locking system of your car, meaning that it has to be replaced far sooner that it would have done otherwise.

How can you ensure a good quality result?

The best way to ensure a good quality key is to go to a company with a good reputation.

Ask around for recommendations or go online and search for car key cutting specialists. A reputable company should be able to copy your key without any problems, while ensuring that it stays in top condition for years to come.

So if you lose or damage your car keys, don’t despair, there are plenty of affordable companies out there who’ll be able to get you back in your vehicle in no time, just make sure that you get the best quality key you can.

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