Lexus GS Series Review

Lexus GS Series Review

The latest GS from Lexus is a muscular and lean sedan. It reveals a full pack of luxury equipment. The GS is roomy in the front but less impressive in the back. The Lexus cruises beautifully and is whisper quiet but lacks involvement and doesn’t feel like a driver’s car. With 12 airbags the GS has also picked up a five star rating in crash tests. There will be a petrol-electric version called GS450h in 2006. Few cars at this price can match the Lexus’ level of talents and high tech kit.

The lexus GS is a sporty car with a sedan feeling. I have personally owned a Lexus GS since 2007. I recently got a new job in New York and had to move to New Jersey from California. Now I had to figure out how I was going to take my low mileage Lexus to New jersey without paying an arm and a leg. Most transportation companies wanted a lot of money so I decided to get a  tow dolly rental and haul my lexus myself behind my Tahoe. I got  tow dolly rental from uhaul and my Lexus got to NJ without a scratch or adding a single mile to the odometer.

Lexus GS Series Strengths
Smooth mechanical interface: combination of performance, luxury and astonishing attention to detail, excellent performance.

Lexus GS Series Weaknesses
Sensory deprivation – it’s stated here because something should fill out this space.

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