Recommended Tips in Choosing the Right Pickup for your Needs

Given the number of new pickup trucks that have hit the roads recently, it is important for buyers to make a well-informed investment.These vehicles are, in fact, the lifeline of several families living in the remote suburbs, who regularly visit the nearest town or city to replenish their inventories of food and other essentials.

Here are some of the latest additions worth a note:

Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara continues to hold its pole position among other competitors in the 4X4 pickup category, despite being priced higher. It’s definitely not without any drawbacks – in fact, fuel efficiency is a concern for the road price. Spacious cabin and load bed, low-ratio gearbox are a definite plus.

Acenta – the 2.45 litre, 29 mpg, double-cab 188 bhp diesel version, Outlaw – the 3.0 litre, double cab, 231 bhp with seven speed auto gearbox, some very interesting features such as its DVD sat nav and heated seats, and the greatly improvised NP300 with better interiors, load space and ground clearance offer some interesting variations.

The Volkswagen Amarok

This 2-litre, 178 bhp, 35.8 mpg, double-cab pickup has ample space to load up things, figuring among the largest of double-cab units in the fray. A neat mix of form and function, the unit is well-styled for the pickup purpose with sensitive suspensions, six-speed manual transmissions, electronic drive modes, safety measures and speed controls. The interiors and external design quite match those of family SUVs. In fact, travelling light on the VW could get bouncy, unless it is optimally loaded. The cabin can seat five people, and the load bed is roughly 1,100 kg.

Isuzu D-Max

Minimalist, utilitarian design and a multitude of features such as warmed seats, entertainment systems and connectivity options on the various trims, and with all the models sporting a similar 2.5-litre diesel engine offering 163 bhp, 38.2 mpg when run using the six-speed manual gearbox, and a decent 33.6 mpg on the five-speed auto transmission, the D-Max handles competition quite efficiently. Satellite navigation though is noticeably optional. The five-year warranty on this stylish workhorse could certainly make all the difference.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux has different models – single, extra and the double cab, and a choice of 2 engines 2.5 litres (120 bhp, 38.7 mpg) and 3.0 litres (171 bhp, 36.7 mpg slipping to 33 mpg under auto transmission). Three different versions of the Hilux are up for grabs at present; the Invincible especially is worth the attention, given the additional features such as colour satellite navigation and privacy glass.

Toyota scores high in the safety, reliability and real-time use department when compared to other brands. Six airbags, traction control, anti-lock breaking systems, electronic speed control and other features make the vehicle safe both on and off the roads. There are, however, some practical difficulties, such as absence of parking sensors as a part of the standard package, making it difficult to manage the daily use of this large truck.

Ford Ranger

As for the Ford Ranger, the unit is usually reliable and trustworthy, with higher versions replete with features characteristics of a luxurious SUV. However, fuel consumption at 27 mpg for a 3.2-litre engine may not be that satisfactory, and emissions are another factor to contend with. It is also rumoured to be overbooked with vehicle delivery expected to take as long as a year!

Owning the right pickup truck can indeed make a world of difference for self-employed professionals who spend a major part of their time outdoors.

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