What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Used Car In St. Peters, Missouri

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Used Car In St. Peters, Missouri

Purchasing a used car is a sound financial decision. Used cars, obviously, are cheaper than their brand new counterparts. After all, new cars start depreciating as soon as they’re driven off the lot, losing 20-30 percent of their value within the first year. Used cars often still have a portion of their factory warranty left, and more dealerships are now offering certified used cars with warranties. Thanks to the wide availability of vehicle history reports, there is little risk involved with buying a used car as long as you go through a reputable dealer. If you’re thinking of heading to the car lot, here’s what you need to know before purchasing a used car in St. Peters.


Used car dealers are everywhere, so haggle and negotiate the best price

Do Your Research

One of the biggest mistakes car shoppers make is to go to a dealership without any particular model in mind. Don’t go just to look around. If you do, you’ll be more easily talked into a car that you don’t want or that won’t suit your needs. The Internet makes it easier than ever to do research before you buy a car. Check out your local dealer’s online inventory. Compare different models and research their features on sites like Edmunds. Start a list of models you like. If you can’t decide on particular models, at least list the features you want your car to have so that vehicles without those features can be eliminated right off the bat.

Talk Price, Payments and Trade-Ins

If you’ve done your research properly, you know how much car you can afford. Stick to cars within that price range while you look them over at the dealerships for used cars St Peters MO. There’s no need to talk about what price you can afford, what payments you can afford or if you want to trade in your vehicle until after you’ve chosen a car. The reason for this is that you don’t want to be directed off course by a salesman. Stick to your guns and only negotiate these items once you’re ready to do the deal.


A humorous billboard poster about used cars

Give the Car a Once-Over

For those who know a little about cars, lift the hood and take a look at the engine. Make sure none of the belts and hoses have cracks. Check all the fluids. Look underneath the car and closely at the bottom to examine it for dents, dings and rust. If you find rust, move along to another car. If you find some minor body issues, try to negotiate their repair into the purchase price. For those who know absolutely nothing about cars except how to start one, bring along a mechanically-inclined friend to look over the car before you buy it. The inspection should be followed by a test drive out on the highway. Get a feel for how the car starts, accelerates and brakes.

Ask for the Vehicle History

Finally, before you sign on the dotted line, ask for a vehicle history report. You’ve probably seen the commercials touting, “Show me the CarFax.” CarFax is one type of vehicle history report. If everything looks clean on the history and all went well during the inspection and test drive, you’re ready to buy your car.

About the Author: This article comes from Cathy Lane. Cathy is an auto writer who has published numerous articles throughout the web.


Image Credits: Bill Herndon and Ryan14072

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